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 The Orion Civilization

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PostSubject: The Orion Civilization   Sun Feb 20, 2011 11:50 pm

The Orion civilization is primarily 89% Vegan in nature. Of that 89% Vegan genetics, we would say that 75% is of the human-type, Vegan-based genetics. The remaining 14% would be considered nonhuman-type Vegan genetics. Therefore, your stories of reptiles from Orion, although they are embellished somewhat (usually by the emotional body), are accurate because there are those nonhuman-type entities with Vegan-based genetics living within the Orion system (or have in the past) that account for those stories. Primarily it is Vegan in nature.

This would be the body types with the very high copper content that is due not only to the genetic line but the diet?

Yes, most definitely. Your bodies here on Earth are based on water and though theirs have water as a primary substance to some degree, a certain oil or fatty content lubricates the body, the skin. Kind of like the idea of the engine in a car; the gears turn because of the oil. One thing we want to mention is a uniqueness in the eyes of Orions. Through very strict spiritual training, which includes diet, ceremony and certain psychic experiences, various priests in the Orion system can change their eye color to a very vivid blue. Some of your people have had encounters with these Orion-type entities with very sharp blue eyes. If anyone has, it is most likely that the entity they are contacting is a priest of some sort, for the eye color is not natural at birth but is attained through a type of spiritual path.

We told you that 89% of the Orion entities are Vegan in nature. The remaining 11% are of a Lyran stock. We would say that of that 11%, 90% are of the light-brown-skinned people we've talked about and the remaining 10% are of the Caucasian-type Lyran - light hair. They are rare, but of course if you're talking about several billions in population, then that could account for a goodly amount of people.

And they do tend to be aggressive, to leave their mark?

Yes, generally that is the common theme. These are the most common physical attributes of these Orion entities. Getting a little esoteric for a moment, as you get into the rarified vibrations, as you're getting into higher levels of fourth density, the physical appearances really become very malleable and not all that important. What we're talking about is the third-density and early fourth-density characteristics, because that's when the genetic differences are very marked, very apparent.

Is there enough genetic similarity that natural cross-breeding is possible?

Yes, absolutely.

What about between the Lyran and the Vegan types?

We would say that if you took a random Lyran and a random Vegan, there is a 60% chance that the birth would be successful without any alteration whatsoever.

What would the result look like?

In some ways like a typical ethnic person on your planet. Now we're getting into the idea of the breeding on your planet. There have been two lines active on your planet. The royal houses of Vega - which actually have changed hands and are now the royal houses of Sirius, but are the Vegan genetics - and the royal houses of Lyra. Your interbreeding with each other throughout history has been an attempt at unifying those houses. So it stands to reason, then, that any crosses between the two out there would primarily be successful with very little manipulation.

Here another excerpt from "Humanity's Extraterrestrial Origins", by Dr. Arthur David Horn, P.O. Box 1632, Mount Shasta, CA 96067.

I added few comments in italic for some further explanations.
The Orion Empire

The "Orions" have a very negative reputation in much of the esoteric UFO/ET/alien literature because they have engaged in many conflicts and in much destructive wars with other ETs of this universe, as we saw in the book we used as an introduction to human galactic heritage, The Prism of Lyra (see Lyssa Royal). Other esoteric sources inform us that the greys that have perhaps had the most contact with humans, through abductions, in the past thirty years, are from a star system neighboring the Orion constellation, known as Zeta Reticuli. While evidence indicates that many of the greys have been on earth for centuries manipulating human societies, the Zetas are believed to have arrived on the earth in the past 40 years, having made treaties with the secret government of the United States and probably other Earth governments. The Zeta's apparently have a genetic base that is more insectoidal than the more reptilian greys described above. All of the greys almost certainly have their own hierarchy amongst themselves. Most of the greys themselves are servants, or mercenaries, of the lizzies, or the reptilian race. The greys, or most of them, make up what is known as the Orion Empire. The lizzies are members of what they call the Federation of the Draconian Reptoids. The Orion Empire and the Federation of Draconian Reptoids work together and with other regressive ETs to try to dominate and control several planets in this universe, including Earth.

There are many Zeta-Reticulis as well entities who origin from Orion constellation, who are embodied in human-bodies as result of their karmic interference they did. I met a few people who remember or at least feel their affinity to Orion, or even the Greys, and they are spiritual aware people, and in very few cases now why they are here now.

The short greys are overseen within their own ranks by the taller seven to eight foot tall greys. These greys are the ones that actually carry out "diplomatic" missions, such as secretly negotiating treaties with heads of human governments. As mentioned the greys in general, and the small three to five foot greys in particular, have been likened to mercenaries.

The greys, as a group, would seem to be rather weak genetically. Most of them are reported to have no genitals, and are unable to sexually reproduce. Reproduction among the greys takes place mostly in the laboratory through a cloning process. Remember our own earth scientists can "manufacture" a simple organism such as a frog, through cloning. It is therefore easy to imagine an older species being able to clone much more complex beings, such as themselves. However, they have become a genetically weak species over the course of their history because of nuclear wars in their past, genetic engineering done of their species in the past, through the deleterious effects of thousands and millions of years of cloning, and other reasons of which we or they may not even be aware.


We learn more about the genetic and other weaknesses of the greys by turning the focus of our investigation to the metaphysical and spiritual development of the greys. We have already seen that the greys often exhibit marvelous metaphysical capabilities, such as walking through walls and mental telepathy, although there seems to be a question of how much these capabilities are a result of natural evolution, and how much of it is the result of advanced technology.

In Valerian we read that many of the greys involved with humans, like their lizzie masters, exist in dimensions beyond the three dimensions that humans know. What we call "dimensions" are often referred to as "densities" in metaphysical literature. There are many fifth and fourth density greys interacting with humans. Fifth density beings have no bodies, but fourth density beings, especially "lower forth density" beings might appear as third density beings to humans. In fact fourth density greys can transit between third and fourth density. ...

Fifth dimensional "lizzies" do not exist, just to rephrase the above paragraph, since there exist no form-giving bodies (according his view). The diversity of fourth dimensional forms comes from the creation of form within the fifth dimension, where the major starry doorways operates (Pleiades, Sirius, Orion etc) and their light-beings.

That the fourth density greys do assist humankind to get aware of the fourth dimension (astral-plane). In some channelings I came across, it was pointed out that the Internet, as example, is a typical transition technology from third to fourth dimension.

Esoteric sources and mystical traditions here on earth suggest that humans develop a society based on love and compassion for each other and all of Creation in order for us to reach our fullest spiritual potential. The love and compassion should include the greys, who, as we have seen, are a rather pathetic, dying species, having genetically engineered emotions out of their physical entities. This does not mean we have to tolerate their diabolical behavior. Nor does it mean that we are responsible for saving them from their sad physical and spiritual state. On a higher spiritual level, these regressive ETs may be here, in fact, to HASTEN our own evolution toward the light and away form the darkness that these aliens and our secret government represent!

This last paragraph above just points very exactly what really it important: understanding duality, and not indulging within it. We have to grow in our true strength as equals, we as humans aren't less because we as spirits incarnate into a dense reality like physical reality. Spirits are equals, their expressions vary dependent which form it takes.

11:11 and Solara

Another connection to Orion has Solara, a wonderful woman who initiated the activation of 11:11 at January 11, 1992. From my point of view, she was doing a major integration work for those who needed to heal their victim pattern originated from the Orion, as she says, from the EL - AN - RA (Mintaka, Al Nilam, Al Nitak).

As AN represents the integration of the duality aspect which the starry doorway represents. People who attended at 11:11 where those who needed the integration in their fourth/fifth dimensional body, which for some triggered the remembrance of the purpose of their current incarnation. Which then allowed many awaken starseeds to increase the vibration and awareness of the entire mass-consciousness by radiating their remembrance into.

Many projects in the early 90's until now, where possible to happen so fast due the preparation of 11:11, especially thankful were those angelical starseeds who could recover from deep guiltyness and self-judgment they kept.

Well, that's all for the moment on Orion. I will add more information later.

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The Orion Civilization
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