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 Inmate, convict, or just passing threw?

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PostSubject: Inmate, convict, or just passing threw?   Sat Mar 05, 2011 4:25 pm

I started out dropping my son off at daycare but a lot of the parents were there. There was an older man who fought in a war. He told us a tail about how he lost his wife I believe. Then we were instructed to go to this area where we would experience a bit of what it was like in prison. There were inmates and runners, the runners were there to try and free the inmates without getting caught doing it. We were given markers and told not to talk to anyone, but I had forgotten what I was supposed to do, I didn’t even realize what I was supposed to do with my marker so I put it in my backpack. When we were told to go I ran and dropped my backpack so that it would hinder me but I found one of the people I had known, for some reason this truly felt like life or death. I did find one person while I was running around that I had known who was in the same open ‘cell’ just like the old man who had talked before. They both gave me a boon, something that meant something to them just in case they didn’t make it out and for my luck. The one man gave me a necklace with his deceased wife’s wedding ring on it. I tried to refuse but he practically pushed it onto me. Then this other man with long red hair gave me a necklace that his wife gave to him, it was made of poor gold but it was a cross. I even commented that it was virtually worthless but he said ‘not to me’ and pushed it into my hand anyway, I had another necklace but not sure where I got it. So, I got up and ran around trying not to get caught by the ‘guards’. The cells were open concrete, kind of like the showers one might see at a gym. There were other ‘cells’ which were smaller and I had to duck down to run past them, they had no roof just three walls no doors. I ran around for a while, trying to figure out what I needed to do. I met someone who was not a great person per say, she was involved in gangs but in general would always help her friends when she could. I ran around with her for a while. The guards were wearing orange vests, like traffic control vests. I managed to maneuver past them, staying one step behind them when I needed to, because I have always thought it is better to be close to your enemies back then far away in your enemies’ site. So between hanging out with my new found friend and trying to avoid the guards I was doing quite well. Then I realized that I needed my marker to win the game. I went back to look for it and it was gone; the guards had taken it so it would be safe, and it was in the ‘confiscated’ area. I couldn’t get to it. I went and told my friend who proceeded to make a distraction then run over and get the marker for me. She brought it back, and I started to mark an N on people’s hands to make sure they new it was me, N meant NO, a form of defiance. But we were restricted from entering the bathroom area for the game, I went in and a guard spotted me but I got away, they discovered the gang operation and they were going into the holding area, it looked like an old ghost town western style building that had two doors and guards. One door said Beach, the other door said, Equipment. She chose to go into the equipment room. I did not know what was behind the doors. Now that I realized what I needed to do I managed to start marking everyone I could and started to do quite well but the end of the game was approaching. Finally a whistle blew and every one of the inmates came out and stood in a line, I came out and stood in front of them all, kind of feeling rather proud of myself. The guards asked them ‘who has been freed?’ And not one raised their hands; they all proceeded too wash and rub away the marks I had placed on so many of them. I realized that no matter how many people I try to save by telling people what is going on and what is happening to our world I can not force people to give up doing what they are told to do. They are afraid and stuck with what the world tells them is right, they are afraid of the consequences and don’t want to rock the boat. In the world as it stands if you are not a consumer and a conformist then you might as well classify yourself as a criminal because that is how ‘they’ view you.

Write your sorrows in the sand, your blessings in stone.
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Inmate, convict, or just passing threw?
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