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 Quiz that I absolutely love!

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PostSubject: Quiz that I absolutely love!   Sat Mar 05, 2011 3:55 pm


I found this quiz very informative, it is to discover more or less what 'otherkin' you are, it includes Angel, Elf, Fairy, Starseed, Therian (animal), Dragon, Machine, Demon, Kitsune, Shadow and Polymorph.

I took it twice and so far I am far from dissapointed. Here are my results:

Dragon - Dragonkin/Starseed - Alienkin

Human 10/13

Demon 55/56

Angel 77/87

Polymorph 61/48

Therian 65/41

Fairy 69/71

Elf 73/75

Dragon 84/71

Shadow 31/40

Kitsune 68/51

Machine-kin 31/33

Starseed 78/88

0-25% Human

26-50% Shadow, Machine-kin, (Polymorph), (Therian)

51-75% Demon, (Polymorph), (Therian), Fairy, Elf, (Dragon), Kitsune

76-100% Angel, Starseed, (Dragon)

So by this I am most definately Starseed and Angelic (which I have a memory for one a short vision of another) and probably Dragon. Although this test didn't pick up fully on my elfkin side I am not surprised it is as high as it is. I do need to see if I have an allergy to iron, lol haven't been around it much.

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Quiz that I absolutely love!
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