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 Brief Description of Sanguinarian Vampirism

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PostSubject: Brief Description of Sanguinarian Vampirism   Fri Mar 04, 2011 4:21 pm

Vampirism has been around since the dawn of time. From early stories of a creature that feeds on the flesh to people who drink blood. It has placed fear in peoples hearts from across thousands of cultures threw time and across the world.
But in these modern times Vampires have come to be a thing of exquisite beauty. The energy transferred threw complete trust between two people is such a magnificent and delicate thing.
Sanguinarian Vampirism is the transfer of blood from a donor to a vampire for purposes of drinking the blood to replenish the prana the vampire needs. Some vampires argue that Energy is not actually needed but more or less wanted to feel 'normal'. This may be the most well known form of Vampirism but is actually not one of the most common practices. It can be very hard to find a donor with the correct qualifications.
It is required that the donor be healthy, the loose of blood can not only weigh heavy on the donor but also on the vampire. No disease, that is kind of a given. Some vampires have a taste for certain genders and blood types and of course there has to be an incredible amount of trust involved. The act is a profoundly deep connection between the two and can be very sensual. Of course, sterility of any equiptment would have to be number 1 priority for both parties involved.
It not recommended or endorsed by this site that anyone try to gain blood from an individual by means of biting or forcefully. Biting can cause a great deal of damage and infection, as much as people might clean their mouths, there are a great deal of bacteria in there and it should not be attempted. If you want that sense of fear in the taste of the blood then get a trusting donor and role play. Otherwise there are court fees, jail time, ambulance, hospital visits, and don't forget, big brother will not leave you alone from that point on. So it should not, and I repeat, should NOT be attempted at any time.

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Brief Description of Sanguinarian Vampirism
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