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 Guide Meditation

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PostSubject: Guide Meditation   Thu Mar 03, 2011 4:07 pm

Start off by relieving all of your stress, you can do this by tightening and releasing every muscle group from your feet all the way up to your head, eyes, face, etc. Then connect your chakras to the earth core, send a red light from your seat all the way down to the core, and at the same time see 2 white lights intertwining and braiding themselves up the red cord. Once the cords reach your first chakra, the one connecting to earth, feel that the white light empowers the 1st chakra, making it brighter but still red. Then it moves up to the 2nd chakra, orange, then third yellow, forth green, 5th blue, 6th indigo (combination of blue and purple), 7th above your head which is purple. Then the cords meet just above this chakra and opens a lotus flower, from the sides of the flower rain down 2 beams of light that slowly circle your body severing all negative connections that have been attached to you, from people who you may not even know sent this negativity to you. Finally the beams merge together to form a single solid sphere of perfect white light surrounding you and protecting you.
Then imagine you are sitting or laying some place very peaceful. Don’t open your eyes to this place yet, it can be anywhere you like. First, you hear the sounds around you, what is here. Then you smell the smells, then you realize what you are sitting/laying on and things begin to be tangible. Finally you open your eyes and take in the sites.
A moment passes and you rise from your place and notice a stream flower threw this place. You walk to the stream where there is a path across. When you reach the middle of the path you realize this is the stream that connects us all, it is the universal energy. You may drop all of your concerns into this stream, any stress you may be having in the knowledge that the universe will correct these things. All you need to do is see them and let them go.
You look up and away to the other side of the stream, there are many directions you may go but for the time we will go straight ahead, there is a small barrier to the place we are going but you are not material, this barrier is for those who may cause you harm. You flash forward threw the barrier and are suddenly in a large space, completely protected, in the middle of this space is a table with chairs, is there anyone there, do you know them, try talking to them.
On the far side of the room from where you entered is a door way. Should you choose to approach this doorway a figure shall appear. This figure may take on any shape but this figure is your higher self, be sure of this. Ask the figure any questions you wish for they are you. Be confidant that they will tell you anything you need to hear at this time. You may even ask for a boon for your time spent there. You may spend as much time as you wish here.

When you are done you do not need to go back the way you came, simply feel yourself in your body slowly coming to the realization that you are safe in your space and return the divine light cords back to their space and bring your red cord back to your body in the knowledge that you are never truly disconnection from the source. When you are ready you may open your eyes and go about the rest of your day.

Write your sorrows in the sand, your blessings in stone.
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Guide Meditation
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