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 Obsession with the internet and ignoring your life offline.

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PostSubject: Obsession with the internet and ignoring your life offline.   Tue Feb 22, 2011 10:53 pm

Okay, hard topic to live with but very easy to say what to do.
I get very wrapped up in things online, especially things related to the topics in this forum. But here is a piece of advice. The internet is not going anywhere, site don't usually close in the blink of an eye and most, if not all the information that you post and others post will be there in 20, 30 minutes, 1, 2, 3 hours, and days upon days. If you leave it for a few days it will be here when you get back.
This is something that I have had to come to learn myself. I always felt rushed to get online and see the next thing someone posted and see the next comment someone has left me or the next email someone has sent me. The fact it, it isn't going anywhere. If the people online are your true friends, they will accept that you have a life outside of them and you don't need to tell everyone everything all the time.
So, if you are like me and have important offline things to get done then please, get offline, take a few minutes to do the things that really matter IN YOUR LIFE and then come back, we aren't going anywhere. Get your homework done, do the dishes, feed the cat, walk the dog, play with your kids, read a book, etc, etc. We'll be here when you get back Smile


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Obsession with the internet and ignoring your life offline.
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