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 Geting around

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PostSubject: Geting around   Tue Feb 22, 2011 4:06 pm

We have tried to make this as easy as possible to navigate but it makes sense that some people might not know where everything is. Mostly we have set it up by interests.

First the menu bar at the top of the page is pretty self explanatory:
-Home takes you back to the main page with the full list of this forum.
-Calendar will take you to see what we may have set up in the future. We have nothing planned at the moment but if you check it out occasionally something may pop up.
-FAQ, this was preset by the host or server, not us, it is all the technical terms at the moment but I will be changing it once we get threw this stuff.
-Search is pretty self explanatory, if you posted something or remember thing someone else posted but can't find it then search for it.
-Members is a list of all members who have joined, while we are small it will of course be small itself.
-Groups, we have the ability to create various groups for different people who are interested in different things. If someone is interested in say starseed, there will be a starseed group for it but it is more or less for categorizing people so it is easier to find a group of people rather then searching everyone out.
-U.E.P. is your profile and information. If you need to change anything you can go there and get everything done.
-P.M. means private massage, you don't need to email someone unless you want to but this is sort of an, in site, email system in case you have never dealt with one.
-And finally Logout, explains itself. If you don't want to be on the site anymore but don't want other people see you information on your own computer logout. This will also make it so that you have to sign back in the next time you get on.

Okay, now for the rest of the website, we are still going threw some things and may open before we are 100% but for the time being here is how to get where you need to go.

-Welcome Center, you are already here if you are reading this lol. But, this is where the rules and new users introduction go.
-General: well sometimes we have trouble deciding where to post something, that is why there is a General Discussions area. The suggestion box has been placed here as well for the very same reason, no other place to put it really :/
-Our third thread is for those who feel that they are not completely human, the categories do overlap, you can be everything on here in the same body but we separate them for ease of access. If you feel connected to the stars and know home is out there then check out the Starseed forums, if you feel that you were a mythical being or animal or feel a strong connection to one or another in this life then look into the Otherkin area. Also, some people feel that they do not have the energy that they require and many have discovered that they get energy from the world around them and have developed various methods to acquire said energy, if you feel you fall under the title of Vampire then head over to our Vampire section.
-Energy work and Healing: for people who are lightworkers, psychics, channelers, and prayer/energy requests.
-Spirituality: a place to share about topics of a spiritual nature, we have included a place for religious spiritual pursuits as well as meditation and out of body experiences.
-Our New Age section includes all things that you might find in a book store, lol. Herbology, Divination, Occult, spells, rituals, etc.
-The World at large, pretty self explanatory, if there is something going on in the world around you or in the world in general then share it here.
-Entertainment: if you have something that you really love to watch or read then share it here, anything you find entertaining from jokes to movies.
-Finally we have our journal area, we have given the option to either post in a forum or post a blog, in a forum people can reply with their full message being shown whereas in a blog the reply becomes a comment under the main post with a link to said comment. We are deciding which to use now so give us your input.

At the very bottom of the page we have the the 'Who's Online' area which will give you info about, what else, who's online. Below that is the Chatbox, sign in and see if anyone is there. You can also click the top right corner, where it says Chatbox and it will pop out into a new window for convenience.

We are continuing to add and change things and will be updating this as needed.

Write your sorrows in the sand, your blessings in stone.
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Geting around
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